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  • The University of Novi Sad, UNS, was founded in 1960 as an autonomous institution for education, science and arts. Nowadays UNS is the second largest state university in Serbia, with more than 47.000 students on bachelor, master and PhD level, comprising 14 faculties and 2 research institutes, located in the four major cities of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Subotica, Zrenjanin and Sombor). The main University Campus in Novi Sad, covering an area of 259,807m² approaching the river Danube bank, provides the University of Novi Sad with a unique and beautiful setting with all the additional facilities for student life (student center, sport and medical center, dormitories, apartments for young scientists). Having invested considerable efforts in enhancement of quality of teaching and research, UNS is recognized as a modern, internationally and research-oriented university on the map of universities in Europe.
    Faculty of Technology, founded in 1959 as a higher education and research institution, is located in the main University Campus in Novi Sad. Nowadays TF UNS is covering broad spectra of study programs, having more than 1500 students on bachelor (240 ECTS), master (60 ECTS) and PhD level (180 ECTS) in the following mayor fields:
       - Food Engineering:
       - Biotechnology
       - Chemical Engineering
       - Pharmaceutical Engineering
       - Material Engineering.
    More than 120 teaching staff and 70 young researchers are engaged in educational activities and research projects. Having the experience and recognizable results in corresponding research areas and long-term cooperation with the industry, TF is actively participating in both national and European projects (FP7, EUREKA, Tempus, IPA Cross border Cooperation, WUS, Bilateral Cooperation), with the cooperation agreements signed with a number of higher education and research institutions worldwide. TFUNS, on contract basis, collaborates and offers engineering and other services to industry, including process project/design, transfer of technology, consulting/information, studies and expertise, quality control, technological support and services, scale-up, start-up, supervision and others.
    TFUNS is the Project Coordinator, the TFUNS Project Team covering the broad spectra of tasks, starting from project management and RTD coordination, to laboratory synthesis of photocatalytic precursor coatings, active suspension preparation, investigation of their photocatalytic and antimicrobial activity, as well as investigation of application techniques for these suspensions onto selected mineral substrates. TFUNS will be responsible for the overall monitoring and control of the Consortium ensuring the efficiency of activities, accomplishment of Work Packages with the specified time frame and quality of the outcomes. Four laboratories of TFUNS will actively participate in the research: Laboratory of Material Science, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Catalysis, Laboratory Analytical Chemistry,  Laboratory of microbiology, as well as complementary laboratories at the University of Novi Sad, providing the research infrastructure for textural, thermal, surface, microstructural, chemical, physical, microbiological analysis of the original and new materials developed in the project, as well as photocatalytic testing of value-added new materials and in situ testing of their performances.

  • Prof. Jonjaua Ranogajec, PhD - Project Coordinator (PC), is a full professor at the University of Novi Sad, at TFUNS since 1996, active in cooperation with brick, roofing tile and ceramic tile industries as well as in cement industry; is the author of numerous scientific papers (field of multi-component ceramic systems and advanced nanomaterials), books and book chapters; reviewer of scientific journals (Appl. Clay Sci., Appl. Surface Sci.; J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.; J. Amer. Ceram. Soc., J. Civil Eng. Menag.) expertise in material science and technology; participated in international cooperation in the same fields; coordinator of the international project EUREKA 3969! project “Development Of Self-Cleaning Clay Roofing Tiles“, WUS project CDP+003/2004 leader, TEMPUS IV project: “Competence – Matching competences in higher education and economy” leader from Serbia; EUREKA 4964! project member, participant in COST 540; president of the Scientific board for Interdisciplinary Integral Science projects of the Ministry of Science, Serbia.
    Prof. Radmila Marinković-Nedučin, PhD, is a full professor at TFUNS since 1996. Scientific field: catalysis and inorganic materials; catalyst synthesis and system characterization; photocatalysis, ceramics; numerous scientific papers published in international and national journals in the field of catalysis and material science; member of the committee board of COST 540 and of EUREKA 3969! project; leader of several TEMPUS projects.
    Ass. Prof. Miroslava Radeka, PhD, is an Associate Professor, Institute for Civil Engineering, University of Novi Sad since 2002; is the author of numerous papers in the field of ceramic systems on topics related to compaction mechanisms of ceramic powder-relation with mixture design and final characteristics of ceramic particles during compaction, microstructure design of multi-component systems; coordinator of “EUREKA 4964! LIGHT-WASTE - Development Of Lightweight Aggregate From Waste Material And Further Processing Into Thermal Insulation Concrete”, member of EUREKA 3969! project.
    Dr. Tatjana Vulić, PhD, is Assistant Professor at TFUNS since 2007. Scientific fields of interests: catalysis and inorganic materials; catalyst synthesis and catalysts characterization, clays as catalysts; photocatalysis, is the author and coauthor of numerous scientific publications and a member DAAD international cooperation, participated in national and international scientific projects.
    MSc. Milica Hadnađev-Kostić, PhD student, is scientific researcher at TFUNS since 2005 at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Catalysis. Scientific fields of interest: heterogeneous catalysis, catalyst synthesis, photocatalysis, clay science; participated in international cooperation with the Magdeburg University, is the author and coauthor of numerous scientific papers; member of EUREKA 3969!.
    MSc. Snežana Petrović PhD student, is scientific researcher at TFUNS, Department of Engineering Materials since 2007; participated in bilateral cooperation, Italy “Structural design by experiments”, received JoinEU scholarship for staff exchange in Spain (Granada); is the author and coauthor of scientific papers in fields of ceramic systems and Cultural Heritage, member of EUREKA 3969! and EUREKA 4964!
    MSc. Dmitar Zorić, PhD student, is a scientific researcher at the Department of Materials engineering, TFUNS since 2007; scientific fields of interest: material science, materials characterization; processing of ceramic materials; member of EUREKA 3969! and EUREKA 4964! Projects.
    Ognjen Rudić, PhD student:
    is a scientific researcher at TFUNS, Department of Materials Engineering since 2011; received JoinEU SEE scholarship 2010 as PhD student for six months exchange period in Turkey (Middle East Technical University, Ankara); scientific field of interest: materials engineering, materials characterization, processing of ceramic and building materials.