Saning International, d.o.o


  • Saning is a modern company, covering complete range of high quality rehabilitation, reconstruction, construction and equipment of building facilities. The company in located in city Kranj which is the fourth largest city in Slovenia and is located approximately 20 km north-west of the capital Ljubljana.
    Since founding in 1989 company is moving forward in terms of quality, professional approach and uncompromising professionalism. Group Saning with its partners employs projects with over 100 professionally qualified staff and in collaboration with various institutions and world-class experts. High quality is achieved through state of the art equipment, extensive experience and tradition. Over the past 21 years the company has successfully finished over 3000 projects, both at home and abroad. We work using natural and technologically advanced man-made materials, e.g. various carbon fiber composites, glass composites, natural composites etc. We also provide ecological oriented applications based on natural mineral materials, as well as man-made polymer resins like epoxy, polyurethane and other plastic formulations, with the most advanced technologies of application. Special field of application represents cultural heritage sanitation where Saning has a dominant advantage in know-how and practical experience. Through over the years Saning has gained a variety of references like reconstruction of protocolar facility Brdo including Brdo castle, Jable castle, Drnča mansion, Metlika castle, Kamen castle, church of St. Jurij, church of St. Peter, church of St. Andreja Svino, church of St. Mary, church of St. Kancijan, church of St. Ana, Archeological location of Ajdna and Monastery Kostanjevica na Krki to name only few of them.
    As a leader of Work Package 6 with its extensive experience in cultural heritage reconstruction Saning will provide a necessary guidance to development of new materials. With orientation to industry production and on-site application of developed protective materials Saning will also be able to give advice and suggestions on the necessary pretreatment techniques of the particular areas of exploitation.
    With help and support of the experts included in the project Saning is aiming to get a necessary market advantage and know-how in protection and restoration of all kind of carbonate and silicate substrates along with the appropriate materials production knowledge and equipment.

  • Rudi Velkavrh, is a director and founder of the company SANING with 30 years of experience in the field of construction and reconstruction including 8 years of working in Building and Civil Engineering Institute of Slovenia. He has focused his life work on development and application of new materials in constructional systems with emphasis on profound chemical approach and deep investigation in source of problems. He also led an investigation of preparation of concrete substrates for application of polymer modified sanitation materials. In process of optimization and development of sanitation material that would be as similar as possible with old historical materials he has developed special natural pucolan admixture for preparation injection mixtures and special sanitation mortars.
    Edo Velkavrh
    , (CE), is a civil engineer with experience in the field of Cultural Heritage sanitation especially in earthquake resistance strengthening of old masonry and stone buildings. He led an investigation of the suitability of composite materials reinforced with natural fiber fabrics as reinforcement for building structures. Furthermore he has experience in practical application of hydrophobic impregnation on natural stone and brick walls.