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    Put Šajkaškog odreda 8a
    21000 Novi Sad
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    Tel/fax: +381 21 6624 271
    Tel/fax: + 381 21 6526 838

  • GP HGP is a medium enterprise established in 1995. and one of the leading producers of materials for finishing works in construction industry in the region. The production facility in Novi Sad (Serbia) is located in the area of six hectares and employs 130 workers. Apart from Novi Sad, the production is also organized in Prnjavor (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
    The main focus of the company is the development and application of technologies for making living and working environments more beautiful, providing a higher quality of living, as well as the unconditional protection of the environment. Thanks to the HGP center engaged in the development of new technologies and materials, the scope of the production program has changed from classical acrylic paints to a wide range of silicone materials. GP HGP produces industrial components such as mortars for machine plastering of interior and exterior walls, noble mortars for wall decoration, dispersive paints for concrete, exterior and interior walls, adhesives for the construction industry, walls and floors levelling compounds and dispersive reinforcing materials.
    As a leader of Work Package 7, GP HGP will be responsible for the pilot production of all the developed materials in the HEROMAT project. The role of GP HGP in other work packages will be to monitor and control the project quality by transferring practical knowledge and experience from the industry.

  • MSc. Rajko Travica, is the technical director of GP HGP Novi Sad; he received the M.Sc degree from the Faculty of Technical Science, Department of Civil Engineering; has long term experience in industrial production of building materials especially paints for facade, coatings and mortars; 5 year experience in maintaining manufacturing, quality and production improvement methodologies, directs the development and planning manufacturing methods for new and existing products as well as for their technologies in the GP HGP.
    MSc. Milica Travica, is the marketing director of GP HGP Novi Sad; she received the M.Sc degree from the Faculty of Economy; broad experience in analysing the market potential and profitability of various industrial building material products; familiar in the development, proposing and implementing of marketing strategy through market research, product development and advertising.
    MSc. Radmila Janković
    , is the head of the quality and technological development sectors; she received the M.Sc degree from the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry - Bioorganic chemistry; has experience in R&D activities and implementation of new testing methods focused on continuous improvement in manufacturing operation with medium to large scale building material products with extensive role in research; is responsible for quality control of products which helped the GP HGP to have products developed with greater efficiency.